The ARKAD FOUNDATION is a non-profit intercultural center that promotes cultural events mainly in the field of sculpture through marble processing, and realizes artistic projects of various sectors.

The objective of the Foundation is to encourage the encounter of artistic experiences of a different nature, in the broad field of contemporary art, with the aim of connecting the internal activities with the main local and international artistic events.

ARKAD organizes exhibitions and events along with shows, theatrical reviews, concerts, symposia, cultural exchanges, stages and opens its doors to national and international artists who want to stay inside the residences.

ARKAD revolves around a universe made of art, passion, work and research, for which the support from the members, with the renewal of the annual card, favors the maintenance of the premises and development and promotion of its activities.


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friends, members, supporters



- single membership card from 20 Euro
- dual membership card from 30 Euro


- single membership card from 120 Euro
- dual membership card from 180 Euro
- discount on books and catalogues
- access to members meetings and elections
- special conditions for:
- participation at the events


- single membership card from 500 Euro
- dual membership card from 750 Euro
- same privileges as for the members
- additional conditions for:
- using the spaces of the Foundation
- participation at special events


For any other forms of support, please contact the Foundation.

Membership is renewable yearly before January 31 of the following year, to guarantee the participation to all the events. The first fee inscription is proportional to the remaining trimesters.

FONDAZIONE ARKAD Viale Leonetto Amadei 309 (ex Via del Palazzo 437) 55047 Seravezza LU - Tel. +39 0584 75 70 34 - Fax +39 0584 75 60 70 - P.Iva 01884290469
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