An artistic performance with white Cipollino marble from the Luana quarry

Arkad Foundation - Artco Studio
13th-19th of August, 2018

Arkad Foundation has organized a sculpture workshop in occasion of the exhibition 'Cava'. Several artists from the Studio Artco have been engaged for a whole week in the 'live' carving of Cippolino marble blocks extracted from Cava Luana Marmi srl in the territory of Vagli, Garfagnana. An exeptional material that was worked in front of public. The works of art created during this week were exhibited from the 26th to the 29thof September 2018 at the Luana Marmi stand at the Marmomac Fair in Verona.

Participating artists: Cynthia Sah, Nicolas Bertoux, Andrea Bianchi, Aurelien Boussin, Umit Turgay Durgun, Joel Richard, Silvano Cattai, Alfredo Pioli, Jiefu Zhou e Bernard Blaque.

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