The ARKAD Foundation organises and hosts concerts, plays and performances to encourage interaction between different art forms.

- Jazz concert by musician Gigi Pellegrini.
- L'ho sussurrato al marmo in un orecchio. Life of Gigi Guadagnucci, reading for the stage by and with Elisabetta Salvatori, as part of the exhibition PRESENZE. Scultori in Versilia negli anni ottanta.

- Scorci d'Arte: theatre, singing, music, performance organised by the La Seravezziana Association, with a piano and singing concert by Giulia Mutti.
- Theatre show by Elena Verri.

- L'ho sussurrato al marmo in un orecchio, a performance by and with Elisabetta Salvatori dedicated to the life of sculptor Gigi Guadagnucci; organised by the ARKAD Foundation in collaboration with the Gigi Guadagnucci Museum.

- Other Side, theatrical readings conceived and curated by the cultural association Semi Cattivi.
- Readings from the reduction of the novel The Desert of the Tartars by Dino Buzzati performed by author and director Franco Rossi.

Several events took place in occasion of the exhibition Cava. The project tried to define the quarry as an "artwork", not only as a space where marble is extracted, but as an "art piece" to be admired and protected.

- Poetry evening with the narrator and quarrymen Sauro Mattei;
- Artistic performances with Cava Luana Marmi di Vagli and the sculptors from Studio Artco as protagonists;
- Storytelling event La congiura della facciata di San Lorenzo. Michelangelo vittima illustre del potere politico by Costantino Paolicchi;
- Conference L’immagine delle cave apuane nella pittura ottocentesca, presented by Andrea Tenerini
- Meeting dedicated to the discovery of the missing artist Beppe Domenici;
- Percussion performance with quarry cushions by musicians Francesco Toma, Luca Schillaci, Francesco Errante;
- Gastronomic dinner prepared by Giusy from 'I 4 Mori' restaurant.
- Lotto cubes extraction of the three award winning photographic works; 
- Theater performance La bimba che aspetta written and presented by Elisabetta Salvatori.

- Concert for violin by Ariel Horowitz, concert program: J.S Bach - Partita No.II in D Minor, Paganini - Caprice No. 5, Ariel Horowitz - Solitude for Violin and Voice 2017.

- Piano concert by internationally known pianist and composer Gustavo Beytelmann from Argentina.  

- Piano and strings concert at the Studio Artco, directed by Michael Guttman within in the framework of the music festival Pietrasanta in concerto organized by the E. Rothschild Foundation.
- Party for the inauguration of the sculpture SPIRAL: event organized to celebrate the complete realization of the monumental sculpture "Spiral", 4 meters high, at the ARTCO studio before the Taiwan expedition, with Gabriele Fiotitti, cello and Monica Chiaradia Pallestri, acrobatic dance.

- Performance FOS SUS by Daniele Poletti, blues and jazz concert in the square in front of the Artco laboratory, on the occasion of the Enoliarte2007 exhibition.
- Soul concert of the Jaime Dolce's Innersole, on the occasion of the Enoliarte2007 exhibition.
- Theater performance Sweet salty spicy, with Emanuela Lazzerini and Silvia Poggianti.

- Piano, percussion and guitar concert by Lapo Marliani, on the occasion of the exhibition Istanbul by its children.
- Narrar di Gusto, narrative theater show, organized in collaboration with Osteria Teatro L'Atalante, with Gianluca Orlandini and Vincenzo Levante as narrative voices and Lapo Marliani on guitar, for the exhibition Enoliarte2006.
- Theatrical representation The man who lost time, of the Company of Teatro Coquelicot.
- Theatrical and musical performance Rituals, performed by Stefano Fogher, Matthias Dou and Patrycja Kujawaska, on the occasion of the exhibition Istanbul by its children.

- Piano concert by Maestro Corrado Bennet, on whose notes the ballerina Silvia Bennet danced, on the occasion of the Enoliarte2005 exhibition.

- Concert by voice and various instruments by Claudia Bombardella, on the occasion of the exhibition Embarkation for Taiwan.

- Piano concert by pianist Gustavo Beytelman, closing the Exhibition 50%.
- Theatrical representation of the Coquelicot Group on the occasion of the 50% exhibition.

- Concert by voice and various instruments by Claudia Bombardella, on the occasion of the exhibition Embarkation for Taiwan.






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