June 21 – July 27, 2003
Arkad Foundation Gallery, Seravezza (LU)

September 1-31, 2003
Hualien Cultural Center (Taiwan)

The Imbarco per Taiwan (Now Boarding for Taiwan) Exhibition was held in 2003 in the context of the Seravezza-Hualien Cultural Exchange Project, a parallel event to the Industry and Art Conference and the Hualien International Monumental Sculpture Symposium (see Activities – Cultural Exchange).

Staged first in Seravezza and then in Hualien, the exhibition presented fifteen models (in 1/5 scale) in marble, granite, and stone by 15 different artists who live and work in Versilia called to compete for participation at the Hualien International Sculpture Symposium, plus the works of 13 artists selected from the Symposium's previous editions.
These two exhibitions were followed by the a.m. Symposium in Hualien that featured the participation of five artists from Versilia and five artists from Taiwan (see Activities – Symposiums).

The Versilia artists selected from fifteen candidates presented their models.

The exhibition was greeted by a steady flow of visitors who were interested in both the works on display and the collateral events.

Collateral events
A vocal concert with musical accompaniment by Claudia Bombardella was inserted in the Seravezza exhibition.

Partner Ideal Party, Nuova Società Cosmave

Sponsored by : Arkad Fondation, Hualien Cultural Centre, the Province of Lucca, the Municipality of Seravezza, the Upper Versilia Mountain Community Association, the Apuan Alps Park

The 15 artists competing
Ulricke Ahme (Germany), Emanuela Camacci (Italy), Ted Carrasco (Mexico), David Campbell (USA), Paul Bourieau (France), Elisa Corsini (Italy), Piero Gensini (Italy), Stefano Grattarolo (Italy), Giuliano Orlandi (Italy), Sybille Pasche (Switzerland), Jaya Schuerch (USA), Christine Sielcken (Holland), Tobel (Germany), Bernard Verhaeghe (Belgium), Zoé Whittier (France)

The 13 artists invited
Karin Van Ommeren (Holland), Maria Rucker (Germany), Cynthia Sah (China), Goran Cpajak and Djorge Cpajak (Serbia & Montenegro), Daniel Couvreur (Canada), Georghi Filin (Bulgaria), Meliton Rivera (Peru), Craig Shaeffer (USA), Fabrizio Dieci (Italy)

The 5 artists selected for the Symposium
David Campbell (USA), Paul Bourieau (France), Jaya Schuerch (USA), Tobel (Germany), Bernard Verhaeghe (Belgium)

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